Why Do I Need an Underwater Hull Clean & What Are The Benefits?

Why Do I Need an Underwater Hull Clean & What Are The Benefits?


  1. Reduces Fuel Consumption


Justin, a Captain of a 258ft American superyacht, told our team that a dirty hull will cost them an extra 30% of fuel – this is hundreds of thousands of litres. Owners of a motor cruiser boat will make their money back and even save more after receiving an underwater hull clean. 


  1. Reduces Vibration in Your Running Gear 


Barnacles attached to the bottom of your hull can cause vibration. However, if you still have vibration after a professional hull clean, then we strongly suggest you have a marina mechinic check out your powertrain.


  1. Improves Power & Performance for Higher Sale Price


A smooth hull means a smooth ride. After getting your hull professionally cleaned, it should perform just as good as new! A nice smooth test drive is a key selling point. 


  1. Extend Your Next Antifoul 


For those of you who don’t know, antifoul is the process of protecting your hull from marine growth. Having a good coat of prop-speed, good quality antifouls and good condition of anodes will help extend the timeframe of when you’ll need your next antifoul. 


  1. Maximise Your Speed! 


If you’re into boat racing, you will understand and know the difference between a dirty and clean hull! Getting your hull professionally cleaned is the key to getting race-ready. 


  1. Inspects Areas You’ve Never Seen Before 


Most boat owners never see the hull of their vessel. However, the hull is one of the most important parts of a boat. After conducting a professional hull clean or inspection, our team always provide a detailed report, so you know exactly what is going on underneath.

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